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Recording Problems: Hiss Noise




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    AvritSase (Edited )

    If it is indeed a "hiss" and not simple room noise, then the two places to look are the microphones or the pre amps on you gear, with the pre amps being a strong favourite for the culprit. Even pretty good pre amps introduce noise (i.e. "hiss") if you have to turn up the gain anywhere near the highest level.

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    Juan C. Vazquez

    From my own experience, I'd go for the cables first. It is usually there where a hiss is filtered most of the time. After acoustically isolating the room, I make the recording with direct monitoring by software (Studio One or Pro Tools), making use of a noise gate during the whole recording. In this way, you can also add color to the sound through a light EQ and additional processes, including sound manglers.

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