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voiceover actor re-submission



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    Sebastian Torres


    For all of our submissions, we recommend submitting without any processing. This file sounds like it has reverb applied to it and also some sort of EQ. I also hear a lot of noise, it's especially audible at the start of the file. 

    Please submit a file with no processing like reverb. 

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    Oscar Peña

    Hello Elyssa

    It's awesome to have someone as experienced as yourself wanting to be part of our platform!

    There are some issues according to our Guidelines:

    • There's white noise at the very beginning of the recording
    • There's reverberation negatively impacting the sound
    • The file sounds overprocessed 
    • There's a lot of sibilance that might be the result of adding extra processing
    • There are loud breaths in between phrases

    Our QC team is looking for a raw recording that has barely been EQd and has been cleaned up from mouth clicks and loud breaths. No limiters/noise-reductions/compressors needed. 

    Hope that helps. 

    Best regards,


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    Joe Cullen Brown (Edited )


    Just another voice guy here. What a great voice! I think if you submit a new file without the processing as mentioned, you should be good to go.



    Joe Brown

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