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    Sebastian Torres


    Could you please attach a link to the sample so we can have a listen? We recommend using Dropbox or Google drive. 



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    Jan-Mikael Erakare


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    Oscar Peña


    I've listened to the one called VO demo, and it has two big issues in my opinion:

    1. There's plenty of hiss noise in the recording. This might be due to the fact that you've given it too much gain when recording (try recording closer to the mic so you don't have to open the gain knob too much) or perhaps there's a faulty piece of gear in your set up

    2. There's audible reverberation. You can solve this problem by adding some more acoustic treatment to your room and taking out any object that's made of a material that reflects the sound too easily (metallic surfaces or certain types of wooden objects for instance)

    Once you're able to fix those issues, please share a new recording with us. We'll be here to help!



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