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Audio Quality Assessment



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    Joe Cullen Brown

    Hi Elliot,

    Just another VO guy here, but this sounds good to me. I do wonder how close you are working the mic? Sounds like you might back off an inch or two. Just my preference thing.

    Good luck - you have a good sound,


    Joe Brown

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    Oscar Peña

    Thank you for sharing your work with us, Elliot. 

    Thanks, Joe for your valuable input as always!

    Have you applied any type of compression to the file? I'm noticing the high frequencies particularly sort of "in my face" (a bit of sibilance at the beginning 0:02 "meticulously").

    Also, I wonder about the processing because there's a strange sound at 0:07 and 0:19 "walter" and the audio clipped at 0:04 "sometimes".

    Those are minor details that just require a small tweaking in your set up and you'll be ready to go.




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    Elliott Salmon (Edited )

    Thank you Joe and Oscar for your input.


    Here is a rundown of my setup:

    • 4' X 6' - Homemade portable vocal booth with sound insulation and treatment 
    • Mic is about 8 to 12 inch from mouth
    • Sennheiser MKH 416-P48
    • to Apollo Twin USB
    • to DELL Laptop

    I'm using 2 UA plug-ins on the Apollo unit:

    1) API Vision (Pre)

     - Pre-Amp ON

    - Sweep Filter OFF 

    - Gate ON: (See Picture)

    - Comp Lim OFF

    - EQ OFF


    2) DeEesser  (See Picture)  I'm not familiar with using the DeEesser so I set the unit based on my ear.


    I would be grateful for any help and feed back on possible setting changes to my setup.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Joe Cullen Brown (Edited )

    Great gear Elliot.

    Those MKH 416s have been workhorses in the film industry for years. If I remember correctly they have an upper mid-range bump for voice, so that might account for the in-your-face sound Oscar mentioned.

    I do wonder about that -20 db threshold on the gate, but am not really hearing ends of words drop off. For me (my voice tends to be quiet) my gate threshold is set around -34db. Hold/Release looks about right. Depth looks like about -18? I set mine around -10, but that's just me. Whatever makes your voice sound natural.


    One thing I notice is the High Pass filter set low and not turned on. You may not need it with that shotgun mic, but then again, there's nothing you really want down there, so might use it and set the roll-off point between 50 &100 Hz. Can't remember if that mic has it's own low-cut.

    Have you tried a large diaphragm mic? Just wonder how that might sound with your set-up. Just quick observations - you know your gear better than I do.


    Joe Brown



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    Elliott Salmon

    Thanks for the tips Joe.


    I went ahead and dialed back the depth 10, thresh to -35 and Hi-Pas to 50hz.


    Since there wasn't any mention of the De-Esser, I left it as before.


    Here is a link to new audio before and after:






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    Oscar Peña


    That "after" recording sounds great in my opinion. Only a small audio-clipping at "factory" 0:06.


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    Sebastian Torres

    Hi Elliot, 

    The new settings sound good, on a personal preference I reduce a couple of dB around 160Hz but that's not a biggie.

    We've now reactivated your account. 

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