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    Joe Cullen Brown

    Hello Kate,

    Just another VO person here, not with VB management. Just wanted to say what a great voice you have, and that's a really terrific read - just the right attitude for that copy in my view. Per quality - again - not a VB quality control team member - sounds really good to me.


    Joe Brown

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    Sebastian Torres

    Hi Kate, 

    In terms of quality, we found that recently a few of your submissions had an electrical noise that could be heard at the end of every word. This file doesn't have that same noise so it seems you've fixed that particular issue. 

    In terms of acoustics, there's a bit of room echo/reflections which is audible in certain words (for example at 0:10 in "not enough opportunity"). These could be fixed by adding a bit more acoustic treatment to your room. 

    We've now reactivated your account. Make sure none of your submissions suffer from electrical noise, use a professional pop-filter to prevent plosives and try adding more acoustic treatment to reduce these room reflections.




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