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Audio Quality Assessment (AGAIN)



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    Oscar Peña

    Thank you for sharing, Ray.

    The first recording has loud breaths in between sentences. Please, use fade outs /fade ins in order to fix this.

    I also found plosives (ex: at 0:06 "partners"). Perhaps by recording an inch further or positioning the mic at a slight angle can help reduce that.

    In the first take, there is some weird background noise, particularly noticeable behind "complete portfolio" at 0:10-0:11 I'm not sure what's causing it because I couldn't quite hear it in the second take.

    Regarding the second sample, I noticed the same problem with loud breaths and also a bit of echo (noticeable at 0:10 "FOR...") Perhaps there was an object that reflected your voice that was not there when you recorded the other sample.

    Hope that helps.



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    Sebastian Torres

    Hi Ray, 

    I agree with Oscar, there are some slight plosives in certain 'p' sounds and mouth clicks/ background noises in between words. 

    The second sample has a bit of echo but you're also speaking much louder so this is more likely to happen. 

    We suggest you edit out those noises in between words and be careful with plosives (you can turn your head slightly when recording 'p's so the air from your mouth doesn't hit the mic capsule directly). 

    We've now reactivated your account. 


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