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Rejected application from conflicting indications?



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    Sebastian Torres

    Hi Fernando, 

    We require audios that are well-edited and have little to no processing. In other words, we don't want a mixed voice with tons of compression and EQ, but rather natural sounding voiceovers. In terms of plosives, it's ok if you use a high-pass filter. Subtle corrective EQ and compression are OK, as long as they are not aggressive (ie. no more than a 3dB reduction in gain). For plosives, you can also try recording these words at an angle so the air from your mouth doesn't hit the mic capsule directly. 

    Make sure you apply again once you've solved this issue. 


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    Fernando Macias-Jimenez

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you for the feedback. I wish I had known that some processing is fine as long as it doesn't go overboard and truly benefits the recording. As I said to someone else in the company, I will not stop auditioning until I get in. I truly believe I have what it takes, so I will keep trying until I do. 

    One last question. Do you truly think the plosives in this audition are excessive? It was recorded through a pop filter and indeed angled to avoid excess plosives, but I believe the project called for a more energetic and emphatic read, which can exacerbate them. Is it really in that much excess as to warrant a rejection? Particularly considering the prompt is to have them unprocessed? 

    I appreciate your feedback. 

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    Oscar Peña

    Hello Fernando

    I believe the plosives are indeed too noticeable. Take, for instance, one from the very beginning: 0:01 "Por"; It feels as if the audio had clipped.  Another one at 0:07 "Proyecto", it is too rough and it is definitely an undesired noise as a listener. 

    Perhaps using another pop filter or recording just a couple of centimeters away from the mic will do the trick.



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    Fernando Macias-Jimenez

    Hi Oscar,

    Thank you for the feedback. I don't agree with the assessment of the audio "feeling as if it had clipped" since I just analyzed the audio and there are no signs of any clipping or distortion, so this feels like a subjective assessment. In my mind, no one will use an unprocessed raw audio file in their project and plosives like these are something that is corrected in processing as a standard practice, either by the voice over artist or the project engineer, so I hope my frustration is understandable for being rejected for this reason when the issue isn't permanent in any way and is corrected regardless in every project. 

    There is no reason for further debate as I might just keep getting incrementally frustrated and will not get me any closer to getting in, so I'll stop here. I simply need to keep trying until I hit the sweet spot. I truly appreciate your time and your feedback. I will keep working at it and I hope to join the VoiceBunny family soon. 


    - Fernando

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    Oscar Peña

    Thank you for being open to feedback, Fernando. 

    We look forward to welcoming you soon!


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